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China in Africa: a new form of colonisation?

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  1. A common history
    1. China: exploiter or partner?
    2. An obvious interest for China
  2. Does China give in return?
  3. Still the same story?
  4. Whose fault?

China maintains a privileged relationship with Africa. From 2000 to 2005, trade between the two countries has increased from US$10 billion to US$ 28billion. By the end of 2005, China has established more than 800 enterprises in Africa involving a total investment of US$6 billion. It has signed investment agreements with 28 African countries and its engineering projects covered construction, petrochemical, power, culture, education, health and food processing sectors. This economic bridge-building forms part of a deeper closeness of a strategic partnership with development aid and political support.
The construction of the new State House in Uganda is facilitated with a financial help of US$1.2 million and a US$6 million loan without interest. About 10 000 African students are invited in Chinese universities. Moreover, we can observe migration of mainly Chinese workers in Africa and African students in China and cultural exchanges.
This closeness is not new. In the 1950s, diplomatic relations already existed between some African countries and China, which supported liberation movements. In the context of cold war, ideological goals were set and China, being an underdeveloped country then, represented an alternative to the superpowers. These Sino African relations led China to obtain a seat in the Security Council of UN by 36 African nations voting in favor of the resolution to seat Peking and expel Taiwan

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