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Chinese Presence in Africa, and its Economic Impact

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  1. Intoduction
  2. PART I: The Kyoto Protocol
    1. Global warming
    2. The vertices of the earth
    3. The contents of the Protocol
  3. PART II: American diplomacy around the Kyoto Protocol
    1. General Remarks
    2. The positions of the presidents of the United States before the Kyoto Protocol
    3. The presidencies of Bill Clinton (1993-2001)
    4. The term of George W. Bush (2001-2009)
  4. Conclusion

The African continent is the second largest continent in the world, and is the second most populous continent. This continent has abundant natural resources like gold, diamonds, oil etc. and has been the bone of contention between the super powers of the world for a long time now. China has recently extended a friendly hand towards Africa. It has claimed that it belongs to the same world as Africa, and uses its history of being a colony, and a poor and oppressed nation to its advantage. China is trying to present itself as the privileged partner of the African continent. The recent China-Africa Summit held in Beijing, in November, has further highlighted the strengthening of the Chinese presence in Africa. Chinese investment in Africa grew from $491 million in 2003, to $ 7.8 billion in the year 2008. During the first China -Africa summit in Beijing, the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, had put $ 5 billion in the form of loans and credit, in order to assist Africa. Chinese workers are building ports, dams, roads, football stadiums etc. in Africa. Africa, a continent which has often been away from economic globalization, has opened up to China. It considers the Chinese investment to be a win-win situation, as investors in today's world are good news. Many Africans feel that the Chinese are good friends and investors. However, this new found friendship between Africa and China does not seem to have pleased everyone. Human rights activists have criticized the agreements signed between the African dictators and the authoritarian Chinese. They feel that these agreements bypass all attempts to establish democratic regimes in Africa. In this document, we will analyze if the Chinese economic presence in Africa is really good for Africa, in the short term and long term. In this perspective, we will look at the relationship that is being forged between Africa and China, objectively. We will also try to analyze if this is the beginning of a new relationship, or, if China is just a new predator, and wants to colonize Africa.

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