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Current Polish foreign policy towards Poland’s eastern neighbour states: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine (October 2004 – February 2005)

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  1. Ukraine: The Orange revolution, a great opportunity for Poland to take the lead in the region.
    1. Main features of Polish-Ukrainians relations since 1991.
    2. The Orange Revolution and the Polish involvement.
    3. The Orange Revolution's bitter taste.
  2. Belarus: The new Polish bet.
    1. The issue of the Polish minority in Belarus.
    2. Poland against Lukashenko's regime.
  3. Russia: Goliath defeated?
    1. Polish-Russian relations - past and present : A general outline.
    2. The year 2005 : Under the sign of misunderstanding.
  4. Biliography.

Poland has always lied at the crossroads of Europe, as suggested by the title of one of Norman Davies' famous history books Heart of Europe. Intermediate between the West and the East; buffer state; ally or enemy of the main European powers, Poland was once a very powerful country whose territory extended as far as the Black Sea. Towards the end of the 18th century, the Polish state had to overcome three subsequent partitions which finally led to the downfall: A hundred and twenty three years of complete disappearance from the map of Europe (1795 -1918). As a result of a common Slavic cultural heritage and tightly interwoven history ? of which one mustn't forget fifty years of « communist rule » during the Cold War - Poland has had throughout the past decades a specific relation to its Eastern-neighbour countries, namely Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Of these three states, Russia has always stood as the most powerful one, greatly feared by the Poles. Since the collapse of the USSR and with it of the Russian domination over Eastern Europe, Poland has conducted a very Western-oriented foreign policy, joining NATO (in 1999) and - later on - the European Union (on 1rst of May 2004).

[...] The overall Ukraine population amounts to Government information on the Polish foreign policy in the year 2004, presented at the session of the Sejm on January K. Burnetko, interwiew of A.Kwasniewski, former Polish president (1995- 2005), Tygodnik Powszechny We shall do everything to ensure that this (democratic) breakthrough gains the appreciation and recognition of the community of the democratic states of the West quotation from Daniel Rotfeld's (Polish foreign minister) speech in Sejm, 21rst January 2005. Source : Polish ambassy in Slovenia quotation from A.Kwasniewski, in the above mentionned interview (from Tygodnik Powszechny). [...]

[...] Are there similar patterns of behaviour towards Russia, Belarus and Ukraine which could help us to set criteria of Polish foreign policy in this area? We will show first that the Orange revolution in Ukraine in which Poland actively took part - stands as a key event which radically changed the balance of power in Eastern Europe as Poland emerged as a democratic challenger to Russia in the region. Poland is now trying to trigger similar events in Belarus, while having to face Russia?s upset. [...]

[...] Bibliography Polish foreign policy, Polish government : Government information on the Polish foreign policy in the year 2004, presented at the session of the Sejm on January by W?odzimierz Cimoszewicz, minister of foreign affairs in 2004 : Polish ambassy in Slovenia : http://www.poland- Daniel Rotfeld's (Polish foreign minster) speech in Sejm, 21st January 2005 : NATO :, Recent news in Eastern Europe Polish opinion polls - Polish website on Polish opinion and survey research center : Survey Aktualne problemy i wydarzenia? (175) 3-6 December 2004 Poll of December 2005 : opinie o stusunkach polsko-rosyjskich Ukraine B. [...]

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