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Dimensions of culture

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  1. Power Distance
    1. Countries with high and low Power Distance
    2. The origins of the Power Distance
  2. Uncertainty Avoidance
    1. Countries with high and low Uncertainty Avoidance
    2. The origins of Uncertainty Avoidance
  3. Individualism/Collectivism
    1. Individualistic or Collectivist countries
    2. Different links
  4. Masculinity/Femininity
    1. Masculine or Female countries
    2. Different links

Geert Hofestede defines culture as "the collective programming which distinguishes the members of a group and who differentiate them from the others?. According to Hofstede, there are four criteria which determine culture and they are power distance, individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity and uncertainty. We will analyze each criterion as four distinct parts based on the studies made by Geert Hofstede

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