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Do U.S. policies towards Egypt and the Muslim Brothers’ success affect the democratization process?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. US policies and anti-Americanism in Egypt: A breeding ground for the rise of Islamists.
    1. U.S. policies toward Egypt.
    2. Anti-Americanism as a key element of Muslim Brotherhood popularity.
  3. Immaturity of the Muslim Brotherhood on many aspects and the failure to address core issues.
    1. 'Gray zones' and failure to address Egypt's core issues.
    2. Possibilities for the Muslim brothers to integrate the political realm and curb the democratisation process.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Bibliography.

9.11 attacks and the U.S. reaction to launch a war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, aside with the perpetuating Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the U.S policies toward Egypt triggered an increased popularity of Islamists. In the context of the up coming Anti-terrorist law due to be presented to the People's assembly this month and the pending reform of electoral Law, Egypt might experience a drastic change in its governmental relation to Political Islam movement Muslim Brotherhood. Foreseen anti-terrorist law fostered by the U.S. after 9.11 to replace the controversial emergency law passed in 1981 is likely to ease crackdowns on Muslim brothers when in the meanwhile, last March constitutional amendments switching to a proportional electoral system, will reduce access to parliamentary seats for the movement. This paper aims at analyzing how the US policies and the US perception in Egypt catalyze a breed ground for the rise of political Islam and how it affects the democratization process and the relation between the government and the Muslim brotherhood.

[...] US policies and anti-Americanism in Egypt trigger a breed ground for the rise of Islamists, but immaturity of the Muslim brotherhood on many aspects fails to address Egypt core issues and need to be reconsidered to be able to curb the democratisation process. US policies and anti-Americanism in Egypt trigger a breed ground for the rise of Islamists U.S. policies toward Egypt U.S. policies toward Egypt and the Middle East region is a key issue in the shaping of the Arab world mind. [...]

[...] policy in the Middle East, p467-491 EZZEDINE Fareed, Mubarak in Washington, assessing the US-Egyptian bilateral relationship, MERIP Primary resources RASHWAN Ria'a, Egypt and Islamists: where do we stand, which perspectives?, Interview with the Political counsellor of the Delegation of the European Commission in Cairo, Ahram Center for Strategic and Political Studies, personal notes, July 2007 AL KORACHI Aliaa, Interview with Mohamed Habib, number 2 from the Muslim Brotherhood, Cairo, Al Ahram Hebdo Zogby International / The Arab American Institute 2004 survey Anti Americanism over 6 Arab countries Pew International, Global unease with major world powers, released on 27th June 2007 Websites of interest Muslim Brotherhood official website: Government information website: Al Ahram weekly (English weekly), Ahram Hebdo (French weekly) from Ahram Newspaper which is the leading governmental newspaper in Egypt. [...]

[...] results are exactly the same as Egypt versus France shows 89% of negative answers and Sweden even 91%. Concerning war on terrorism of Egyptian people interviewed support it in comparison to 21% in Spain. And only 50% of Egyptians interviewed dislike the American way of doing business whereas it amounts to 75% French people interviewed that dislike it. To conclude, Middle East and Egypt are clearly anti-American and this feeling is almost immediate when you land on the Egyptian soil but polls show that European countries have much worse opinion of America on certain surveyed items. [...]

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