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Does multipolarity have a future?

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  1. The actions of the Executive over the Legislature
    1. Censorship
    2. Dissolution
  2. The actions of the legislature over the executive
    1. Procedure issues
    2. Limits of a vote

Multipolarity defines the existence within the space of several world powers capable of influencing and competing. This is the opposite to those of bipolar worlds where power is cut between two blocks of power and where only a unipolar power remains. Bipolarity was the situation that prevailed during the period of the Cold War where there were two blocks: one side was the Soviet and the other was the US. After 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union, circumstances foreshadowed the advent of a unipolar mode, with American power as the only dominant pole. However, it is clear that very soon it was a multipolar model that emerged, with mechanisms for challenging the US power.

The advent of a "Third World" and then Europe and finally new powers in Asia has revealed a multipolar world. What about today and how long will the multipolarity survive? The issue of multipolarity raises questions of power, it is possible to say no to the question of the survival of multipolarity, multilateralism efforts are sometimes made in order to overcome the unipolarity of the America power. However, multipolarity is likely to persist in the global space, natural resources and demographic factors were revealed by their distribution of new powers that cannot be excluded. On the other hand, regional organizations today have an increasing role in the production of new poles in the world, some countries of the European Union oppose American unilateralism while trying to place it as the arbiter of both, multipolar and multilateral, the two concepts are not necessarily separate.

The concept of cluster appears with the Cold War, when talking about multipolarity, one generally tends to refer to the world after 1989. The future of multi-polarity can therefore be questioned, considering the reality or otherwise of the concept of power.

Tags: Multipolarity; future of multipolarity; concept of power;

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