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Does one have to be afraid of the North Korea?

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  1. Introduction
  2. A potential economic and ecological importance
    1. A possible flexibility of the treaty for a future operation?
    2. Climatic upheaval with multiple outcomes
  3. Towards recognition of indigenous peoples
  4. The Arctic: a military zone that is highly strategic
  5. Conclusion

On October 19, 2009 North Korea fired five short-range missiles off its east coast. This information was published to the world by the South Korean agency, Yonhap. The State then declared a navigation ban in the waters off its eastern and western coasts.

This suggested that the North Korean government was preparing to test its missiles. However, the South Korean Ministry had not confirmed this. If this were the case, these shots would be the first since the July tests during which seven ballistic missiles were launched and brought concerned authorities in the United States and Japan.

Tags - North Korean missiles,Yonhap

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