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Examining issues of credible commitment from third parties in the Middle East and Aceh, Indonesia

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  1. A trademark of ethnic conflict and the basis of the security dilemma.
  2. The conflict in Aceh, Indonesia stems from economic exploitation.
  3. The first move of the AMM was decommissioning weapons used by the GAM by January 2006.
  4. Real progress has been made in the recent Annapolis Conference.
  5. The mediating party should re-establish links of trust between conflict parties.
  6. Awareness of opportunities for conflict parties to increase power or establish legitimacy is essential.
  7. Resource allocation can also be a problem.

There are universal aims for international intervention in conflict resolution that should be used as a guide by all third parties. Kimberly Maynard mentions some of these aims in her book, Healing Communities in Conflict: International Assistance in Complex Emergencies, addressing issues of foreign financial and humanitarian aid. First and foremost, third parties should re-establish safety and security in the community and between the conflict parties . However, this does not just mean the drawdown of local troops or native forces and disarmament, but can include supplementing forces from their own military or peacekeeping units.

[...] Arab nations weighed in, but also Norway has been instrumental in the Oslo Accords, prompting the first direct agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians[14], and the U.S has just spearheaded the Annapolis Conference with the rest of the Middle East Quartet[15]. But these conferences were a long time coming, and are a culmination of efforts by many parties. Real progress has been made in the recent Annapolis Conference. In November 2007, all sides, the Israelis, Palestinians and the Middle East Quartet, agreed that both parties have a right to a state and self government. [...]

[...] Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Norway's Involvement in the Peace Process in the Middle East. [Online] Available at: and-plans/Reports/1999/involvement.html?id=420034 [accessed 21 Nov 2007] The Council of the European Union [Online] Available at: [accessed 20 Nov 2007] United Nations Department of Public Information The Question of Palestine and the United nations, Chapter 7 ?Search for a peaceful Settlement and the Role of the United Nations. [Online] Available at: [accessed 21 Nov 2007] Maynard 1999: 131-143 These mediator take the form of third party states and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or international organizations (IOs). [...]

[...] Memorandum of Understanding between The Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement. [Online] Available at: http://www.aceh- [accessed 30 Nov 2007]. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Dec 2007] Afrida, Nani Aceh wants fair share of oil, as revenue. The Jakarta Post. [Online] Available at: [accessed 6 Dec 2007] Anderson International Assistance and Conflict: An Exploration of Negative Impacts. Case Studies Series no Cambridge, Massachusetts. Assefa, Hizkias, 1993; Peace and Reconciliation as a Paradigm. [...]

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