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Global terrorism

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  1. Outer roots of global terrorism: the States' responsibility
    1. American imperialism
    2. Islamic States' own failures
  2. Inner roots and structure of terrorism
    1. Structure of terrorism groups (a.e : Al Qaeda)
    2. Fundamentalism as the main root of religious terrorist war
  3. An untraditional war: multi-level response (Pravin. S. Sheth)
    1. Traditional military answers
    2. Reforming Islam, rethinking cultural relativism and tolerance

"They want to live, we want to die" Osama bin Laden observed very meaningfully. "Our war will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated", G.W. Bush answered. After 9/11 the concept of management of war has seen great radical changes. The usual questions and features of the "normal" wars "what, when, how, against who?" don't apply anymore. Traditionally, terrorism has been used for political aims, mostly by extremists (left- or right-wing). The main difference between the 19th and 20th century "classical" terrorism is that this kind of terrorism had an aim, and could have an end if their aims were satisfied. If Great Britain would have left a united country to the Irish people, and not only the south of the Ireland, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) would have ceased agitating.

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