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How do the international conferences participate in resisting the globalization movement?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Westernization.
    1. Of the most important issues in the globalization process.
    2. International conferences to resist a hegemonic domination by the Western countries.
    3. The annual international conference.
    4. The impact of this conference.
  3. Local resistance.
    1. Support for the organization of international conferences can.
    2. Local resistance.
  4. Women organizations.
    1. The protection of women's rights.
    2. The International Council of Women.
    3. Working in collaboration with NGOs.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

Globalization is a phenomenon that appeared in the early 20th century. It refers to an increase in the interdependence of the economies, societies, cultures and politics. Globalization has disrupted the face of the World since its apparition. Indeed, international relations are now dominated by the specter of globalization. ?Talking about globalization in terms of dialectic than in terms of homogenization or heterogenization is a much better way of looking at the contemporary situation?. This phenomenon can be seen as the end of national identities and individual freedoms. This is why a reaction has not waited to appear: resistance. There exist various forms of resistance to globalization all over the World in order to defend different interests, privileges or rights. I will present a few examples of international actions to resist globalization with the aim of preserving a mentality (struggle against Americanization), a peaceful World (with international organizations against war), an economic independence (with local resistances), or an international recognition (with the International Women movement).

[...] It emphazises on the relevancy of international unification with the aim of resisting the bad sides of globalization especially concerning environmental concerns. Transnational feminist network: collective actions in the era of globalization, VM Moghadam - International Sociology - This article is also from a scholar journal. It focuses on the international feminist organizations in resisting globalization. During their international conferences, they emphasize on protecting women's interests and rights during the global process. This website presents the various international human organization in resisting globalization. [...]

[...] Despite a relative effect on international economic organization, this new kind of reaction had the merit of beginning a faith in international movements to resist globalization. This fear of Westernization, and moreover Americanization can be illustrated in the evolution of the feminism struggle (that I will develop later in this essay) ?International feminism could become American feminism?[6]. Local resistance Another kind of resistance to globalization can be illustrated in the local resistance. Indeed, international conferences can be organized in order to protect the local identity against the frightening and impersonal wave of homogenization. [...]

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