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How useful is the term "New terrorism" in distinguishing -9/11 post terrorism from the form that preceded it?

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  1. 'New Terrorism': definition and remarks
  2. The aftermaths of the counter-terrorism measures as a result of the acceptance of the term 'New Terrorism' after the events of 11 September: the ?War on Terror?

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the usefulness of the term "New Terrorism" in distinguishing -9/11 terrorism from the form that preceded it. Firstly, we will try to find a suitable definition of "New Terrorism" and then we will see how it is difficult to find a definition of "Terrorism". We will also analyze the term "New" in the light of the attacks of 11 September, and examine if this term describes the events that happened after the 9/11 attacks. We will also study the consequences of the policies which have been implemented as a result of the adoption of the term "New Terrorism", that is to say the War in Afghanistan and the pre-emptive strike in Iraq. We will concentrate on the case of the United States of America and examine the legitimacy of its counter terrorism measures in the light of such a notion as "New terrorism" which has been adopted by it. The consequences this term can have in a democratic system will also be touched upon.

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