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International politics of climate change: Can climate change represent a threat for international security? How?

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  1. Several environmentally-induced security risks leading to worldwide destabilization and radicalization
    1. Tensions over natural resources and environmentally-induced migration
    2. Tensions over energy supply as a threat for international energy security
  2. Developing countries facing most of environmentally-induced insecurity
    1. Most acute impact in already socially and economically vulnerable countries
    2. Massive investments in research and infrastructures as necessary

While science and economics dominate the ongoing United Nations climate change program, new reports warn of other serious consequences of global warming. In May 2007, the Democrats in the United States fought for a ruling that would require intelligence agencies to produce a document demonstrating the impact of climate change on America's national defense. Democrats argued that large-scale crisis caused by global warming (pandemics, famine, sea-level rise, etc.) will affect how and where American military resources will be used in the next few decades. The whole world will face environmentally-induced security risks. In this context, I would like to show that climate change not only threatens the economy and the political stability of developing countries by causing droughts, floods or natural disasters, but also poses serious security risks for developed country, as they will have to face massive immigration waves as a consequence.

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