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Oil in the Niger delta: geology and geopolitics

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  1. Geological Framework
  2. Tertiary Sedimentation
  3. Oil Reserves
  4. Petroleum generation, migration and characteristics
  5. Historical overview of Nigeria oil industry
  6. Nigeria and the Niger Delta: Instability, poverty, political tensions and rebellions
  7. Global Geopolitics
  8. Geopolitics of oil in Africa
  9. Nigerians international relationships with consumer countries
  10. Unstable conditions: political tension and rebellion

Niger Delta is extremely rich in terms of oil resources. Large progradation has lead to deposition of sand reservoirs and the sediment influx has lead to formation of growth faults and abundant traps. The heavy sedimentation has caused rapid subsidence and has allowed deep shales to enter the oil window and produce abundant accumulations. Unfortunately the history of the Nigerian oil industry has been riddled with conflict. The rich oil industry, with wealthy patrons and well paid foreign nationals, is contrasted by the countries low HDI, large span of different ethnic groups, dialects and religious beliefs and deplorably poor conditions among most of its people, accentuated by the pollution caused by the oil. As Emanuel Ndadozie said: "Oil is a curse which means only poverty, hunger, disease and exploitation" and this statement holds true for many Nigerians. Foreign influence is largely dominated by countries under the pretext of battling terrorism and poverty, and aiding in development, race for control of the black gold in the Gulf of Guinea.

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