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Report on "Blood Diamonds"

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  1. What exactly are blood diamonds?
  2. The reasons of the conflict diamonds
  3. The different consequences
  4. How the society could let this business running?

Firstly, the main subject of this report will be based in the conflicting diamonds from the African countries. Indeed, this conflict had resulted in Civil Wars in many African countries like the Civil War in Sierra Leone or Angola. This problem has increased since the ninety's and still continues to take importance to such an extent that the movie "Blood Diamonds", with Leonardo DiCaprio, highlighted the situation in 2006. In the CNN reportage we have seen, Leonardo is furthermore interviewed by the journalist who has lead the report, about his thought on the conflict diamonds situation. So, after watching the CNN report about the conflict diamonds in Africa, we are going to detail this dramatic phenomenon and discuss about the Blood Diamonds. We will also touch upon the human, economic and politic consequences and question why such kind of business exists in our "ethical societies".

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