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Russia in the 20th century: The Geneva Conference and peaceful coexistence

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  1. Introduction.
    1. A study of the Soviet press' portrayal of the Geneva conference.
    2. significance of the Geneva Conference.
  2. The Geneva Conference of 1955.
    1. Soviet foreign relations.
    2. The Soviet press of the 1950's.
    3. The most important result of the Geneva Conference.
  3. The glowing reviews of the 'spirit of Geneva'.
  4. Conclusion - President Eisenhower's open criticism of the Soviets.

A study of the Soviet press' portrayal of the Geneva conference and the Western powers provides an insight into the role of the press in shaping public opinion for the state and against the West. Furthermore, the image of Soviet-American relations in the press undercuts the tense reality of tension between the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. The glowing reviews of the 1955 Geneva Conference contrast starkly with the negative portrayal of the Western statesmen and their reaction to the ?spirit of Geneva? in the following months. The summit for the Foreign Ministers of the four powers in attendance at the conference, France, Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union, was portrayed as an uphill battle for the Soviet officials to make policies that would reduce international tensions. Using Western news sources and statements by Western officials, the Soviet press created an image of the Geneva Conference and the Ministers' conference that followed as events in which the Soviet Union tried earnestly to pursue détente with the West, and was met with staunch opposition.

[...] 12-12. . Pavlov, Yu. the Eve of Four-Power Ministers' Conference?, November The Current Digest of the Soviet Press. No.41, Vol.7, November page(s): 15-15. . Rogov, V. the Interests of Strengthening Peace?. From Ivestia, February Current Digest of the Soviet Press. No Vol April C. 25-25 Service, Robert. A History of Modern Russia From Nicholas II to Vladimir Putin. United Kingdom: Penguin Press Taubman, William. Khrushchev, the Man and His Era. New York: W. [...]

[...] After praising the Geneva conference for its principles and positive review in Western press, M. Mikhailov wrote in Ivestia that the West was deliberately opposing a continuation the easement of international tensions sought at the Foreign Minister's conference in November 1955. The Western powers purposefully rejected the Soviet numerous proposals and viewpoints, and instead ?presented proposals which do not correspond to the directives of the government heads, do not accord with the "spirit of Geneva? and clearly contradict the interests of peace and the security of peoples?.[16] Many, like writers Pavlov and M. [...]

[...] Pavlov's review of the conference in Pravda and M. Mikhailov's review of the Foreign Minister's Conference in November of the same year. Not six months after the Geneva Conference of July 1955, Pavlov wrote that the Ministers of the three Western powers were apparently spitefully going against Soviet wishes in plans to incorporate Germany into NATO. He points his finger firmly at Western statesmen like Secretary of State Dulles, who would ?attack the policy of neutrality? by ?blatantly contradict[ing]? the spirit of Geneva. [...]

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