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Should or should not Japan revise Article 9 of its Constitution?

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  1. Analysis of The Official English Translation of the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution
  2. The Article Nine of Japanese Constitution an Example To Follow
  3. The Interpretation of Article Nine Formally Changed in May 1981

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution was added during the occupation after World War II, after the defeat of the Axis alliance (Germany, Italy and Japan) by the Allies (mainly composed by British Empire, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and United States of America) in 1946. The source of the Article is disputed, with the Japanese Prime Minister Kantaro Suzuki; Shidehara and Douglas MacArthur being credited with its creation, but we can say that it has been inspired by the model of the American Constitution. The primary aim of the article was to make it impossible for such a war or recur. World War II has been the hugest armed conflict that humanity has known. It involved a hundred million people from sixty one different countries, stretched out of twenty two millions km², killing sixty two million people. Albert Einstein said "I don't know how man will fight World War III, but I do know how they will fight World War IV; with sticks and stones". Far from being encouraging, that sentence has the virtue of illustrating state of mind of people who had lived in the times of World War II. They were worried about what people can do when they are fighting, and involved in war. That state of mind, of non-confidence in human beings, can explain why, just after the World War II, Article Nine of the Japanese Constitution was instituted.

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