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The Baghdad crucible

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  1. Credence.
    1. Iraq since the 2003 invasion.
    2. What we can learn from what is going on in Baghdad.
    3. The theme at hand.
  2. Baghdad Diaries.
    1. Al-Radi - tracing the history of Iraq.
    2. Where Al-Radi falls short.
    3. Baghdad Diaries - inclusive view of the exclusivity with which we have started to treat Iraq.
    4. The effect of isolationism.
  3. About Baghdad.
    1. Antoon's documentary film About Baghdad.
    2. His attempt to incorporate all facets and opinions concerning the US occupation.
    3. The stronger, more effective ideal.
  4. Baghdad Burning: A Young Girl's Blog.
    1. The anonymous format of Baghdad Burning.
    2. Her fear of the situation.
    3. The Iraq shown in Baghdad Burning.
  5. Conclusion.

What is going on in Iraq since the 2003 invasion and, by extension, since long before during Operation Desert Storm is in many ways a paradigm?an ever-evolving view into a society that has, for internal and external reasons, become one of the most turbulent areas in the Middle East and in the world. Baghdad is an often-discussed topic because it is a very cosmopolitan city; represented on its street and in its buildings are every point of view on the current military action and it volatile past. While it would be an exercise in tunnel-vision to consider this area of the Middle East without consideration for the conversation it has become a player in, it is somehow appropriate. Given the exorbitant amount of attention that Iraq and particularly Baghdad are subject to?in military interplay, in the media, on a global scale for what it has come to represent?this is exactly what is happening. We are slowly building walls around Baghdad, just as we did to Germany at the end of WWII (for example), because it is easier to deal with it once we classify it as a ?lost cause' or fallen measure.

[...] We see the side effects of it?numerous literary and cinematic works that chronicle the incongruities. Unless we re-evaluate the methods in which we deal with a foreign threat, there will be no end to conflict. Isolationism doesn't work?Iraq and Baghdad are proof of this truth. The walls constructed around Baghdad must be felled; there must be an influx of ideas and influences with a singular common goal. The Baghdad Crucible is slowly building, and has been for over a decade. Only once we realize that Baghdad, like any other city [...]

[...] Baghdad Diaries Al-Radi traces the history of Iraq as the US has played a preeminent role in its formation and continual development. From her privileged standpoint, she extrapolates upon the human interactions accompanied with war and the effects, long- and short-term, of the US-instigated embargo. Through her voice we come to view Baghdad in ways that our media had fallen short: it is war-torn, and many problems plague everyday life, forcing the average Iraqi into playing a game of survival. [...]

[...] Baghdad Diaries is an inclusive view of the exclusivity with which we have started to treat Iraq. It is a dangerous game of policies and edicts, one that has become the subject of much taboo in the present time, largely because the unsustainable nature of the issue has just crystallized to a majority of people. The attitude behind the embargoes was that the crippling of the Iraqi economy would lead to a more easily toppled Regime?which was true, however, it did not incorporate (or at least, care for) the long term effect of this. [...]

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