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The Conflict between India and Pakistan from 1947

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  1. An unending conflict anchored in a rivalry which detains on both Nations
    1. The historical aspect and the background to the conflict
    2. Two external politics underlined by idea of power. The two main conflicts opposing Pakistan and India: Kashmir and Bangladesh
  2. The nuclearization of conflict brings some change in it and provokes a new equilibrium
    1. The acquisition of the atomic weapon confuses the nature of conflict
    2. Conflict of Kargil: under the shadow of nuclear weapons

Pervez Musharraf cannot be called "General President? anymore as he has quit the post as the leader of the Pakistani armies which he occupied since October 7th, 1998. By removing his double cap, he will officially become a "civil president". However his tenure does not lack in incidents and the list of tragedies is long. On 21st December, a bombing attempt affected a mosque in Islamabad, killing about 50 people. An Islamist group claimed responsibility for the blasts. This attempt reveals an unending conflict. On 27th December, Benazir Bhutto, the ex-prime minister was assassinated in a bomb attack. This murder destabilized the region and the impending elections. India became independent in August, 1947 and, creating a divide between India and Pakistan. There have been four wars between India and Pakistan since then.

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