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The Darfurian conflict

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  1. How did this conflict arise? how long has it been going on?
  2. The role of the UN and its goals

The Darfurian conflict is much talked about nowadays. In the newspapers one can read that if no agreement is reached by Darfur peacekeepers by Jan. 1st, the United Nations will deploy a "hybrid" force at that location. Darfur is located in Sudan, close to the Chad border. On one hand, there are the ?rebels' in this area, who are sedentary, farmers and Africans, and on the other hand, there are people from the Khartoum's army, mainly Arab jandjaweed milita (Jandjaweed means devil's riders with Kalachnikoff) who are nomads and stockbreeders. These two communities speak the same language- Arabic, and both are Muslim. Yet in 2003 a war burst in Darfur. The question is "Did this conflict arise because of cultural differences or racial differences?"

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