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The Geneva Conventions are inadequate to meet the developments in warfare in the post-1945 world. Do you agree?

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  1. The Dynamics of International Humanitarian Law
  2. The issue of terrorism
  3. The Constants in a Variable World

The world changes and evolves continuously. In such circumstances, few things remain as relevant or as useful as they originally were. The laws and rules that seek to cover the entire world within their jurisdiction, like the Geneva Conventions, tend to become irrelevant faster. However, before we can abandon the Geneva Conventions out of hand, we must analyze and examine the central values that have sustained them through more than a century of war and conflict, since the first convention in 1864. This paper seeks to examine the adequacy of the Geneva Conventions with reference to the developments in warfare in post-1945 or post-Second World War world. In order to do it, this paper will reveal the differences between the circumstances, conditions and types of warfare before and after 1945. It will attempt to analyze the effectiveness of the provisions of the Geneva Conventions with regard to the differences in warfare that they have passed through. The first task, however, will be to gain a good understanding of the scope and nature of the Geneva Conventions.

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