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The issues regarding Sino-Japanese relations: from economic interdependence to geopolitical tensions

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  1. China-Japan: between an economic interdependence and an economic rivalry
  2. The contradictory increase of geopolitical and geostrategic tensions
    1. The energetic issue: a new dimension of the conflict
    2. The navy issue: China and Japan sea control
    3. The Taiwan issue

In the current political context, China and Japan are vying for Asian leadership. Furthermore, Sino-Japanese relations are beset by various geopolitical tensions, and all the issues of that confrontation are about influence and control. A paradoxical situation follows from this. How may one explain that the Sino-Japanese economic interdependence does not lead to certain pacification? In theory, as we may see from the example of Europe, economic interdependence should create good diplomatic relations and an appeasement of tensions. The Sino-Japanese case is a peculiar one as their economic interdependence is mixed with others geopolitical tensions. Thus in order to understand how and why spring rolls and sushi can't be blended in the same bowl, and that China and Japan can possibly cohabit in a complementary way but can't live together, it is important to explain the economic interdependence and the paradoxical effect of being both neighbors and world powers. After that, it will seem interesting to show that China-Japan is a confrontational area due to all the geopolitics issues which divide the two powers.

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