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The Kashmir conflict

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  1. Prior to the conflict
    1. The progressive separation of the Muslim and Hindu communities
    2. The Genesis of the Conflict (1947-1949)
    3. Definition and clasification of the conflict
    4. The actors
    5. The international context
    6. The conflict's prevention but not resolution
  2. Evolution of the conflict
    1. The second war - 1965
    2. The third war - 1971
    3. The Kargil war and the islamisation
    4. The nuclear bomb
    5. The impact of the 2001 attacks and the war in Afghanistan
  3. The conflict today
    1. The actors' map evolution
    2. The mediation
    3. The consequences of the conflict
    4. A possible desescalation and peace agreement?
    5. What solutions?

India and Pakistan form a complex and conflicting couple. They are often presented as enemy brothers because they arose from the partition of the British empire of India. The India-Pakistan rivalry remains one of the most enduring and unresolved conflicts of our time. The triangular war between India, Pakistan and Kashmir has been ongoing since 1947 and it is not over yet. The region of Kashmir is the cause of the conflict. It is a region in the northwest of India which shares its borders with China, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Kashmir is a geographic region belonging unofficially to both India and Pakistan. First of all, we will discuss the relationship between both countries prior to the conflict as well as the conflict's genesis. Secondly, we will look at its frequent lapses into crises. Thirdly, we will analyze the current situation of the conflict and present alternative solutions. In 1947, the British rapidly decolonized the country.

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