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The United Nations Development Programme and the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo

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  1. The United Nations development programme
    1. The UNDP at the centre of the United Nations initiatives
    2. The main actions of the UNDP
    3. The workings of the UNDP
    4. The UNDP Budget
    5. Personal opinion about the UNDP
  2. The study case of the Democratic Republic of Congo
    1. The UNDP in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    2. The UNDP's work in DRC in accordance with the MDGs
    3. The UNDP's programme for the Democratic Governance
    4. The UNDP's programme for Poverty reduction
    5. The UNDP's programme for crisis prevention and recovery
    6. The UNDP's programme for Environment and Energy
    7. The importance of the UNDP in DRC called into question

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) was created on January the 1, 1966, by the resolution 1029 of the General Assembly of the United Nations, which combined the Expanded Program of Technical Assistance and the United Nations Special Fund. This Program, headquartered in New-York City, has country offices in 166 countries. Its major aim is to help the developing countries by supplying them with advice and by pleading their cause for the granting of donations. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is an interesting case to study in this area. Indeed, this country has been facing a structural crisis in economic and social spheres which has generated armed conflicts since 1993. In spite of these successive wars in DRC, the UNDP has never interrupted its assistance there. We study more about the UNDP and its efforts to spread its initiatives in this document.

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