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Walls in the world

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  1. The walls : symbols of power
  2. The wall : a means of expression

While the on-going process of Globalization refers to an increased mobility of goods, capital, technology, as well as the spread of ideas and values, walls divide neighbors all around the world. Some of them were built a long time ago, but still exist (like the Peace lines in Ireland or the DMZ in Korea), and others are currently being built ("The so-criticized wall of ignominy" of G. W. Bush between USA and Mexico in order to keep illegal migrants out). These walls are symbols of political withdrawal and exclusion. Building physical barriers is not only a way of sealing off nations, and communities, but also a way of protection. This reaction seems clearly paradoxical insofar as goods and capital can move freely, without any barriers, but migrants cannot. Have the States been building walls for a long time, or is it a new phenomenon? Obviously, this is not a new phenomenon. Many walls were built centuries ago, such as the Great Wall of China, which is the largest man-made monument ever to have been built. Its construction started in the sixth century before Christ, in order to protect the Chinese Empire from external attacks. It is alleged that it is the only wall visible from space; an assertion that confirms its monumental dimension.

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