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What are the positive and negative aspects of globalization?

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  1. Positive aspects of globalization
  2. Some disastrous effects of globalization
  3. Globalization can offer solutions to the problems that it has caused

Globalization is a term that describes the politically, economically, and socially interconnected modern world in which we now live. Whilst the word globalization is a relatively new one, it describes a process which has been happening for hundreds of years. Features of globalization in the 20th and 21st century include the advance of global financial markets, global trade, transnational business, international organizations, and new technologies. Proponents of globalization argue that these changes have brought, amongst other things, financial prosperity, and international stability. These have certainly been positive aspects of globalization for some of the world's population; however globalization has also had some disastrous effects. Certain aspects of globalization have damaged the environment. The world's poor have seen little benefit of globalization. Finally, the nature of international security has arguably become more unstable in response to globalization with the rise in international terrorism. It is too simplistic to say that each of these problems has been caused solely by globalization, but they have certainly been exacerbated by it. It will be argued here that although globalization has had many negative consequences, it is only through international collaboration that these can be tackled. The positive outcomes of globalization can offer solutions to the problems that it has caused.

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