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Actors of the foreign politics in the United States

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The extent of the influence of American foreign politics in the international scenario is felt at the diplomatic, strategic or commercial levels. Its development is complex and is characterized by a diversity of interests and multiple parties, who act more or less directly.

The President of the Republic has a central role in the conduct of the foreign policy. As head of state, Chief Executive and Chief of Army Staff, he makes the important decisions, meets other heads of state and has the authority to negotiate treaties.

But his powers are functions of his personal qualities of leadership and management as well as the political factors. The various ministers, military leaders and heads of intelligence (CIA responsible for foreign intelligence and FBI in charge of internal intelligence) all report directly to the President.

The Vice President traditionally plays an important role in foreign policy. He meets the foreign leaders and advises the President.

Decision-making, which involves a multiplicity of actors in Washington is often complicated and slowed down by bureaucratic rivalries and conflicts or power and interests.

Tags: Foreign politics in the United States, role of President of U.S. actors of foreign politics in the U.S.

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