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Can the United Nations put an end to armed conflict?

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The United Nations can be considered as the successor of the League of Nations, both organizations were set up to prevent the world from facing the atrocities of another world war. The United Nations has been more successful in this aspect that the League of Nations was. Both these organizations were set up with the intention to end armed conflict all over the world.

In this paper we ask if such a thing is possible. We will try to figure out a way to assess the work done by the United Nations Organization.

We ask if there it is possible to set up a system wherein the United Nations can control the nations of the to the extent that they prevent armed conflict.

Originally, the United Nations Organization had the power to prevent wars but the political environment which prevailed during the Cold war paralyzed these powers (therefore questioning the its power). The end of the Cold war made it possible for the United Nations to recover its leading role but it appeared that its modes of intervention in the event of an armed conflict were insufficient .

The first Article of the preamble of the United Nations states that its concern is peace and security.

This mission is entrusted to the Security Council and to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Tags - peace, League of Nations, United Nations, Cold War

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