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Comparative study of the development assistance in Africa coming from China and France

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The development assistance answers the requirement of solidarity which is in the hub of the French Republican pact. It also gives the required freedom to live in a safer world. World peace and safety cannot be born from misery, pandemics, and the absence of concerned democratic well-being of the states and their population. This is a general feeling sensed by the French ministry of foreign affairs. The development assistance is more generally defined as the whole of the means implemented by an economic agent (State, ONG, association, international organization) to impel the reinforcement of a non-member state and if one does not count any more the definitions of the development, the different forms from the assistance become even more numerous.

It acts indeed as much to finance a project to grant a credit or to establish a legal framework, to teach, look after, conduct research, or advise technically. The development assistance must be distinguished from emergency aid in the sense that it has vocation to accompany the local population towards an economic autonomy while emergency aid intervenes after situations of natural disasters and armed conflicts. China has always supported African countries, especially when it was either in trouble or in times of expansion. In both cases, it was in search of diplomatic allies and / or economic partners.

Therefore, the approach of the different factors motivating the development assistance must necessarily be in the form of historical recapitulation of several waves of aid to Africa, for various reasons. Throughout the period of Sino-African economic interests: The interest of China to African raw materials is significant, as well as its assessment of the manpower undemanding in terms of salaries, social security, working conditions. People's Republic of China is also buying oil at low prices and is constantly seeking new markets for its own exports of manufactured goods. By its aid to Africa, it opens new doors and its economy is new ground for its exercise.

It was the first time that China was undertaking a policy of economic and technical aid to underdeveloped countries. This assistance was initially weak but gained prominence in 1956. It was also at the same time that the Soviet Union decided to participate actively in the economic growth of third world countries. Until 1961, this aid was granted under relatively opaque and it was difficult to know the amount, conditions, goals, and even specific receptors.

But this aid has slowly transformed into a political weapon, and remained so until today. Meanwhile, it became possible to measure this support and to identify the beneficiaries. We can now say that China's assistance at that time had reason for political solidarity among communist countries, or promotion of the communist ideal where there was a hope of converting the country to such a plan. Indeed, the rule was such that any African government that tried to distance itself from the West (remember that the Cold War was at its peak) was eligible for assistance from China.

Tags: French ministry of foreign affairs, legal framework, African countries, Sino-African economic interests, People's Republic of China

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