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Congress and Foreign Policy and Control of the Executive

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  1. Congress and Foreign Policy
    1. The division of Foreign Policy in the USA
    2. The Foreign Policy structures of the United States Congress
  2. Control of the Executive by the mean of Foreign Policy
  3. Congress and Control of the Executive
    1. Concurrent Powers
    2. Instrument of Legislative control
    3. Instrument of Investigation
    4. Budget process
    5. Executive restrictions - Impeachment

A Foreign Policy aims at finding how to expand the country into what territories through tactics of national interests, how to create and maintain a favorable international order, and how to protect democratic values at home and abroad.In the US, both the President and the Congress share these responsibilities. How are the powers balanced? Which institution is the more powerful over foreign affairs?After an analysis of the structures of the Congress in terms of foreign policy in the 1st part, answers will be given to these issues in the 2nd part.In addition to the control of the Congress in terms of foreign policy, it will be interesting to develop its control over the Executive at every levers of governance.In what way the Congress can control the President? Which means does it use and in which branches? Last but not least, which restrictions can it face? These issues

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