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Globalization and work: The role of trade unions in balancing globalization

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  1. Introduction
  2. Globalization and employment: A fair globalization with social concerns is possible
    1. Globalization and its impacts: Globalization, corporate strategies and employment
    2. The challenges to take up for trade unions to institute a social globalization
  3. The construction of an international movement to regulate better globalization
    1. Stop the race to the bottom: Syndicalism searching for international strategies
    2. What may the ITUC change?
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibiliography

The trade-union teams of a company, a branch or a territory, are confronted daily with the stakes in globalization. It is the case when, because of the saturation of the mobile telephony market in Europe, Mitsubishi closes its unity of Vitré to become established in China; when to increase its profitability, Marks and Spencer closes 18 shops in France; when, to decrease high production costs Dim decides to close its French sites to become established in Eastern Europe. When confronted with these accelerated reorganizations, union activists have difficulty in perceiving the benefactions that globalization has on economic growth. They get organized then directly by creating trade-union networks.

The changing environment of the world requires new approaches and strategies on the part of unions if they are to remain major social actors contributing to dynamic and equitable growth. According to a report by the International Labor Organization (ILO), globalization, which brings formidable challenges to unions, also provides them with opportunities to play a far more effective and politically important role in society.

[...] The challenge is to find a balance between direct and indirect measures to help workers (labor market programs, unemployment benefits The challenges to take up for trade unions to institute a social globalization There is certainly a vigorous and inconclusive debate about the limits of what constitutes globalization. But in the reactions to current trends international labor organizations tend to regard globalization as more of a threat than a challenge. But it is essential to note the particular place occupied by trade unions in the debate. [...]

[...] Among these unions, the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), traditional relay of the international communism, accompanies this ideology in its decline today. It was created after the second World War in 1945, recruiting its members in the CGT (?French and Italian essentially). Today, it recruits mainly in the power plants of certain progressive countries of the Third World. The International Confederation of free Trade Unions (ICFTU) arises from the will of the United States, with the AFL-CIO, to give more organization to the workers, especially in countries threatened by the communist trade-union hegemony. [...]

[...] Globalization and employment : a fair globalization with social concerns is possible To understand better, the issue of trade unions in globalization, some more general questions must be answered: How might globalization affect the global job market? How to manage these rapid changes? How to create modern social policy and fair working conditions in a context of globalization? Globalization and its impacts : globalization, corporate strategies and employment Before any examination of how trade unions are responding across national frontiers to the impact of globalization, it is necessary to examine briefly the strategic importance of multinational corporations in shaping the contours of new industrial relations. [...]

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