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Rebuilding of Kosovo: Comparison of the American and French actions

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The war in Kosovo destroyed more than 200,000 buildings and civilians between March 24 and June 10, 1999. On one hand, the Serb forces burned whole villages; while on the other, the bombardments of the Atlantic Alliance brought about additional destruction. In July 1999, the province was in ruins and as winter approached, it became harsh. It was thus necessary to rebuild quickly, by giving the priority to the dwellings, and also to the schools and the hospitals.

Consequently, according to a study ordered by the European Union with the International Management Group, it was assessed that 120,000 houses were damaged, including 40,000 destroyed, and 534 schools were harmed to a certain extent, including 83 destroyed. It was necessary to integrate many variables in this requirement.

First of all, 85% of the refugees returned to Kosovo as of August 1999, which forced the acceleration of the rebuilding process. Also, the diverse requirements of the people had to be met with and taken care of.

The restoration of the habitat, safety, and the basic economic structure came under the category of urgent needs. Additionally, a democratic political space also had to be built. The services of installation by America and the French provided answers to these realities during the post-war period in Kosovo.

Tags: Kosovo war, International Management Group, restoration of Kosovo, comparison of American and French actions during Kosovo restoration

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