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New military technologies and the future of warfare

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  1. The U.S case: the military technological supremacy
    1. American policy of military technologies: the technological arms race
    2. Consequence: a ground of war asymmetric
  2. The cyber war and information warfare: the solution to win the war?
    1. The revolution of information and communication technologies
    2. Communication technologies and cyber war: a real domination?
  3. UAVs and precision weapons: the zero-death war utopia
    1. New technologies applied to the zero-death strategy
    2. To the war without soldiers?

New military technologies are primarily a question of power, before the technological issue. It is important to see that in this case, the only actors studied are the State and the Departments of the State (Defence, research and development). It is for this reason that the main sources of research utilized by the researcher here are articles or books and State's official information. However, the State's official information has to be handled with precaution, and with relevance to their foreign policy. In fact, even if for certain cases, enterprises are an important part of the financing research, and the motor of innovation, the State is the only one that can impose the defence policy. The new military technologies today constitute the "soft power", against the real politics.

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