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The impact of the Beijing Olympic Games in China

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  1. Resources and challenges to host the XXIX Olympic Games
    1. Financial resources
    2. What were the challenges of the Olympic Games?
  2. Impacts
    1. The years before the Olympic Games
    2. The Olympic Games benefits
  3. Post Olympic Games challenges

In 2001, a historic decision was taken. Indeed, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowed the organization of the Olympic Games (OG) in China, and entrusted it especially to the city of Beijing. The challenges were big for China, because it was an opportunity to open up to the world. Through this event, China wanted to use the media to showcase its achievement in these past decades. By organizing the OG, China wanted to be considered a great nation, and wanted to be a part of the international community. They hoped that the Olympic Games would bring good fortune to China. Beyond sporting challenges, there were economic, political and social issues. According to Liu Qi, (mayor of Beijing) the OG would contribute to improve the economy, social progress and human rights. My analysis is on the impact of the Beijing Olympic Games in China. In order to justify the cost of investments, I would like to show what kind of benefit China could hope. The Olympic Games required 7 years of preparation and an investment of $40 billion. It is the largest amount spent by any country in Olympic Games history. The Games began on 8.08.2008 at 8 hours 8 minutes 8 seconds; the figure 8 is very symbolic for the Chinese, but what are the impacts on China?

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