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The uncertainties in the fight against terrorism and the United Nations (UN)

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Mosaic of identities
    1. Punjabi
    2. The Sindhis
    3. Mohajirs
    4. Pathan and Baluchi minorities
    5. Kashmiris
  3. The political construction of national identity
    1. The notion of national identity
    2. Pakistani Muslim identity or identities ?
    3. Language:Unifying or divisive ?
    4. Foreign policy and national identity
  4. Conclusion

The United Nations has mobilized all the means necessary to make the fight against terrorism a major concern of all States. The media coverage of the September 11 attacks on U.S. soil with Security Council resolution- 1373 has raised awareness that terrorism can strike at any time. However, at the heart of this struggle is a shortcoming: the lack of a universal definition of terrorism (Section 1). The international fight is against a phenomenon that has is not even defined, at present. No international instrument has effectively begun the task of definition. Meanwhile, anti-terrorism activities continue to flourish, and some violate human rights (Section 2). In the international community prepared to trample human rights in the name of counter-terrorism? Is there no way for the UN to reconcile respect for human rights and the fight against terrorism?

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