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Can we talk about a renewal of the UN since 1991?

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Mosaic of identities
    1. Punjabi
    2. The Sindhis
    3. Mohajirs
    4. Pathan and Baluchi minorities
    5. Kashmiris
  3. The political construction of national identity
    1. The notion of national identity
    2. Pakistani Muslim identity or identities ?
    3. Language:Unifying or divisive ?
    4. Foreign policy and national identity
  4. Conclusion

It took a long time before the United Nations was recognized as a global governance entity. It encountered many difficulties until 1991 with the end of the Soviet bloc, but despite its emergence in the 1990s, it still faces obstacles. The UN, the successor of the League of Nations, was proclaimed on June 26, 1945 with the San Francisco Charter.

The Second World War left a trail death and destruction across the world, and countries recognized the importance of creating a security agency. So the UN goals are to build a better world and build international peace. Thus, the UN will first and foremost t maintain peace and security, enable the development of political, economic, diplomatic, cultural cooperation between states, help enable countries to develop and will press for the rights of citizens.

Tags: United Nations, League of Nations, UN goals and objectives

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