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The Non-Governmental Organisations

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  1. The definition of Non-Governmental Organisations
    1. Definition by the World Bank
    2. The Operational and the advocacy NGOsAnother Classification
    3. The classification of Isabelle Lefort
  2. The human point of view
    1. The motivations
    2. Personal life and risks
    3. The salary
  3. NGO and Independence

The development of new technologies and the intensification of countries' outlook towards globalization has motivated a lot of developed countries to increase their standard of living, improve their status in the worlds market economy and their overall position in the world. However, not all the countries in the world have the opportunity to access these new technologies which eventually can yield good profits in the economic market. This creates a clear disparity between people in the developed world and the developing world or the third world countries. For helping the latter, some people voluntarily create associations which are independent from the governments: the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's). The main purpose of this essay is to analyze and understand the establishment and functioning of these NGOs. It is very important to clearly define NGO's. How the function? What is their main motive- business and human point of view? We could ask ourselves if the NGOs are really independent or not etc..

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