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Analyse the relationship between state and civil society in Hegel's 'Philosophie des Rechts'

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  1. The methodological framework of Hegel's Philosophie des Rechts.
  2. The concepts of civil society and State.
    1. Civil society.
    2. The state.
  3. The twofold Relationship of civil society and State.
    1. Civil society: a transition towards the idea of the state.
    2. The integration of civil society into the State.
  4. Consequences.
    1. A theory of social relations.
    2. The impact on religion.

Since the 18th century, the contrasted views of the state in the Anglo-Saxon world and in France diverge on the notion of public interest. Both movements of thought frequently oppose the vision of an aggregate of the particular interests of citizens to the general interest of the nation. Hegel, in 1820, already stressed the difference between a social order governed by self-interest -civil society- and the universal political order of the state. However, he did not see these two forms of society as incompatible, but rather as a logical linking in the human social development through history. This complex relationship is described in Hegel's principles of political philosophy Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts.

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