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Politics and Passion, Michael Walzer

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  1. Nancy Fraser's view of political culture
  2. Michael Walze's aims
  3. Michael Walzer's theory of empowerment
  4. The liberal promise of neutrality

Nancy Fraser's powerful essay written in 1997 claims that our contemporary political culture has attained a position of being a ?post-socialist' as it directly stems from the collapse and dismay of the former Soviet Union. Fraser highlights the characteristics of our political culture and emphasizes three main features. The first feature speaks about the absence of a dominant historical theory of emancipation. Secondly, reflections have been targeted around the descending aspect of man's equality due to the high impact of aggressive commercialization and the rise of material inequalities. Finally, the feature about a displacement in the political grammar from questions of social democracy to questions of identity in politics is studied. The third reflection does not fail to ignore the problems and issues of recognition that has been replaced as against the ancient ones which circled around distribution and redistribution. Such a twist in cultural politics has provided our Political Culture with a framework within which debates on multiculturalism has been on the rise.

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