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Democracy: the Swedish Way

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  1. Swedish democracy under mutations
    1. A changing society
    2. Democracy and political system
  2. Political crisis of representative democracy
    1. Political discriminations
    2. Europe and representation

For years, Sweden has been considered as a well being country, with a high quality of living, safe, environmentalist, peaceful and very democratic where citizens take part in the development of their society. Swedish society, however seems to be in mutation for some decades, due to globalization, markets liberlization, new technologies of information and communication and individualization. This mutation affects the whole society, but does this mutation affects the Swedish democracy? This topic is interesting, but very broad, and that is why I am going to approach it by a definition of democracy. After defining the concept of democracy, I will speak about Swedish society and the changes it has undergone in the recent years, and then, speak about the political crisis, linked to the democratic representation. Firstly, it is necessary to define the concept of democracy because speaking about it requires before all, to identifiy this notion. Democracy originares from Greek 'Demos Cratos' which means 'popular power'. Democracy can be understood as the rule of the majority. In a country, democracy can be seen as a popular self government, as said by Lincoln, 'the government of the people, by the people, and for the people'. But in concrete terms, the whole population cannot directly decide and govern, that is why we usually speak about relative democracy. Relative democracy is a representative one. But who are these representatives? Are they really competent? This is one vision of democracy. I will focus on the representative democracy in Sweden to know if it is in good health.

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