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The work of the English poet John Donne

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During the time of the restoration of King Charles II to the throne of England, new literary figures broke up with tradition and started writing in a new, simpler literary style characterized by simpler literary devices, in order to appeal to all sections of the general public. Their attempt was to use a language easily recognizable and understandable by anybody. Leaving behind the more complex metaphysical poetry of authors like Donne, this new style of poetry did not use any allegories or conceits unlike their metaphysical ancestors. This paper will be concerned with examining how Donne's views on life are expressed through his metaphysical poetry. Donne's work occasionally depicts a depreciation of love. His elegies are characterized by this aspect, as well as many of his more sexually explicit metaphysical poems, which tend to focus on the more physical aspects of sexual and romantic relationships. His relationship with women is very complex and controversial. Donne and other Renaissance authors raised questions on the alleged social female and male social roles. Most literary experts regarded many pieces of Donne's literary as sexist, including 'A Defence of A Woman's Inconstancy and Air and Angels,' which seems to be based on the idea that women are inferior to men.

[...] ?The Flea? is one of the most significant works of the author John Donne. Most commentators and scholars regard Donne was one of the most important figures in the field metaphysical poetry. Prior to Donne's poem, Ovid's ?Carmen de Pulice? and various other erotic poems have alluded to Fleas. These parasitic animals were very common in Donne's time, because of various factors (hygienic factors, etc.). For this reason, there are many references to them in the popular culture of the time. [...]

[...] The transformation of the individual described in that way by Donne's himself to the Donne who would become Dean of St. Paul, expresses Donne's psychological dichotomy and his complex and contradictory personality, which is clearly exhibited in his work. On one hand, we have the erotic poet (The Flea, The Indifferent). On the other hand, we have the God fearing, religiously devoted and repentant Donne (The Holy Sonnets). As a metaphysical poet, Donne has always used conceit in this metaphysical poem. [...]

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