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Area Studies : Iran and its surrounding

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Iran has a population of almost 80 million people. It has a territory of 1 648 195 km² (almost the same than saudi arabia). The state religion is shia religion. The literacy rate is about 85% which is quite good. Iran is a mixture of modernity and conservatism ( a gap between rural and urban life for instance). There a contrasts in living conditions and Iranians : there are malls like the americans one, and then in the rural life, there are nomadic tribes and so on. This gap is also present in the mentality : both groups distrust the other ( urban people don't trust the rural people for example). Hence, it si quite difficult to establish the average iranian people. It is a country full of contrast, even before the iranian revolution but now a days, this assessment is still valid. Thus, there is not a clear border between conservative people and the opponents because most of them are somewhere in between : they can have smartphone but still a proper muslim for example. Even the youth of the people are mixed between conservatist and opponents of the regime.

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