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Writing: Formal Speech Writing - Cameroon teaching

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  1. Defining
  2. Elements to take into consideration when preparing or writing a speech
    1. The quality of the audience (persons attending the ceremony)
    2. The nature of the topic to be presented
    3. The occasion during which the speech is delivered
  3. Parts/components of a speech
    1. Topic sentence/title
    2. Greetings/salutations
    3. Starting/introductive sentence
    4. Body
    5. Conclusion/ending
  4. Setting/format of a speech
    1. Title/topic sentence
    2. Greetings
    3. Starting or introductive sentence
    4. Body
    5. Conclusion/ending
    6. Ending expression
  5. Typology of speech in relation to the nature of texts developed within
    1. Descriptive/informative/expository speech
    2. Narrative speech
    3. Argumentative speech
  6. Practical exercise for students

On the occasion of the 2018 Youth Day Celebration in your country, your village, Nkol-Si, is honoured with the presence of the President of the Republic and a special guest in the person of the French Ambassador to Cameroon. Given that you are the newly enthroned traditional ruler of that village and leader of the youth movement, write a speech in which you will present the problems faced by your community and suggest solutions.

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