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The 2014 race for Texas governor

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  1. Political positions
  2. Stance on key issues
  3. Key demographic for each candidate

The 2014 race for Texas governor was a key battle in the Red state. This race served as a preview of what's to come in the 2016 election. The governor's race would allow a democrat to potentially hold the seat after years of republican domination. The primary candidates were Greg Abbot, Republican, and Wendy Davis, Democrat. An analysis of the 2014 election reveal each candidate's stance on key issues, key demographics, and the strengths and weaknesses of each campaign.

[...] In summary, the race was an expected win for the Republican Greg Abbott. Campaigning in a traditionally red state proved to be a tough feat for the state senator. Demographics favored Abbott in most categories. There was only minimal room for improvement in Davis' campaign. Stirring interest among the state's Democratic voters is a necessity for the next election. Works Cited Benson, Paul, David Clinkscale, and Anthony Giardino. Lone Star Politics. Pearson Newell, Charldean, David Prindle, and James Riddlesperger. Texas Politics 2014-2015. [...]

[...] He suggested major ethics reform for the infamous loose legislature. (Newell, Prindle, and Riddlesperger) Outside of his proposals, the republican candidate kept the general GOP theme with low taxes, stingy budgeting, and viewing the federal government as a threat to Texas living. (Newell, Prindle, and Riddlesperger) Wendy Davis provided a more aggressive campaign. She pointed out several flaws in Abbott's campaign and proposals. Davis specifically opposed his stance on equal pay for women, and protection regarding information related to hazardous chemicals in Texas. [...]

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