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"Adenauer's pursuit of Western integration consolidated democracy in the West at the cost of the East." Comment

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  1. The consolidation of democracy in the West.
    1. Western integration in adenauer's view: A criticisable conception of democracy.
    2. Undeniably however, adenauer's eestern integration of the FRG did consolidate democracy.
  2. Adenauer's ambiguous role in the partition of Germany.
    1. Adenauer cannot be held responsible for Germany's partition.
    2. However, he actively supported the plans of the allies against the eastern block.
  3. A sacrifice that was worth it.
    1. The cost of the East.
    2. The myth of the abandonment.
    3. A possible alternative?.

According to the newspaper die Frankfurte Allgemeine Zeitung, the number of the unemployed people in Germany has decreased by 25,000 in November increasing the number of unemployed people to 4,531,000. Adenauer's decision to anchor the Western Federal Republic in the capitalist block, rather than to pursue unification at all costs, has created many controversies. Did the policy-making of Adenauer, consolidating democracy in the West, harm the East and delay the German unification?

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