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Are there any lessons to be learnt by European parties from the Democratic primary?

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  1. Interest in Europe for the American primaries
  2. American electoral system is different from the European ones
  3. Particularities that can justify a different nomination process in Europe

There has never been as much interest in Europe for the American primaries as this year. The debate is being analyzed. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been portrayed in newspapers every single day during the primaries this year. A page is dedicated to the primaries in all the websites. The fact that the selection of the Democrat candidate looks like no other one before, may explain the growing interest it has generated in Europe. First, there has never been as much suspense as this year. Every time a candidate seems to benefit from a momentum, it loses the next caucus or primary. Barack Obama at the beginning of the process and Hillary Clinton more recently contradicted the expected results. Then, the stakes of the election are huge. The possible future president of the United States will have to deal with a series of serious issues like climate change, terrorism, proliferation and so on. No wonder the world watches the nomination process. Finally, European political parties may learn lessons concerning the selection of their candidates for national elections.

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