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Arms trade, a global watch

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  1. A big legal business requiring illegal means
    1. DGSE secret Links
    2. Neither moral nor ideological commitment
  2. A planetary nebula in perpetual motion
    1. Double-faced, one day spurned by all, the other day honoured
    2. A planetary maze of companies, some convenience registrations
    3. The issue of carriage
  3. The 'National Security' exception
    1. A vindication of the arms manufacturing & sale
    2. Some limits to an immoderate expansion
  4. Even if the major stakes are linked?
    1. The legal face of apparently legal trade
    2. A global and undergirded system
  5. Solutions still can be drawn up
    1. How to manage the issue?
    2. Many ambiguities

?No war without weapons, and no weapons without "death traders"'. This job is indeed a golden one. We have to simply glance at the moving maps of geopolitics to figure out the whole issue. Globalization proves that this peculiar trader is rational: Due to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the explosion of the Eastern Block, African, Afghan, Iraqi chaos, the arms dealer felt at home worldwide. The purpose of this job is to organize flows. An arms dealer has to know the best sellers: those who slash prices and provide reliable weaponry which is simple enough to be used easily. Such armaments are found in countries that are invested in mass production, or have giant stocks coming from their faded armies; mainly satellites of the former Soviet block. Huge masses of armaments have been subjected to actual "takeover bids" in the arsenals of the Red Army, declining since the withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan and the end of the Cold War.

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