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Barack Obama's victory and the new technologies

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  1. Barack Obama the communicator
  2. The Obama's plan
  3. Analysis of the American's values
    1. The self reliance issue 'it's up to you'
    2. The Obama control issue take charge
    3. The equality issue level the playing field
    4. The speed issue time is money
    5. Barack Obama and the capitalist issue Realizing the American Dream
    6. Barack Obama and the law and order issue Play by the rules
    7. The speaking up'issue Tell it like it is

Barack Obama's victory in the 2008 US elections is a fundamental change in the US way of leading, and taking decisions. As the US's first black President, Obama is clearly writing a new chapter of History. He has been a brilliant candidate in many ways, trying to adapt his campaign to his beliefs, and relying as much as possible on the American values. First of all, even though Obama obviously had a lot of advisors helping him to present the best campaign possible, he has surely been self-reliant, feeling that nobody could win the election for him, and he must be the one to win the Presidential position. As far as the question of dealing with control is concerned, Obama's campaign was actually based on a desire to conquer the largest number of states, which is in fact the principal issue of a presidential campaign. He also took control of new technologies in a better way than his challenger, John McCain. The candidate was convinced of the capacity of the new technologies to influence the democratic process. "Since I've started involving myself in the civic action, I've realized that the true change comes from below, and there is no more powerful tool for the organization fats - root than the Internet ".

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