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  1. Tension exists between the need to limit government and to ensure good government
  2. Liberty
  3. Equality
  4. Equality of condition
  5. Affirmative action programs
  6. Rule of law

There is a tension between the federal government and the states' government, the idea is where does the government stop and let people live their lives? So, there is a tension between the need to limit the government and the needs to ensure it because we do expect a good government, people have varied expectation of the government.

One thing that brings about these contradictions about differences in places is that the U.S, by nature, is a fragmented country, especially in the way that it is governed and devolved, the idea of decentralizing.

It has been the federal government that has been the protector of these values more than the states. At local levels, any kind of violation of these rights (liberty, individualism?) has been taking place, basically in the states. It is always in the states that these violations occur, it's up to the federal government to solve these problems, the states would do that also but it is more often the federal government who come to correct the violations of the Constitution, things which are not constitutional.

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