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Birth of Modern Turkey and Nationalism rise: The Kemalism assimilation

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  1. The components of the Turkish nationalism
    1. The race notion and its limits
    2. The others criterion of Turkish nation
  2. The treatment of demographic entities by the Republic of Turkey
    1. The wish to assimilate ethnic minorities
    2. The secularization of a country mostly inhabited by Muslims

Reflecting on the Turkish Nationalism in the 1930's is an interesting phenomenon. The Turkish nationalism is a combination of the European nationalism waves of the inter-war period and the need of the hour ?unity' in the newly created Republic of Turkey. Further, it is also involved in the present Turkish issues, concerning the diplomatic relationships with its neighbors (Greece, Cyprus, and Armenia) and military situation in the south eastern zone of the country. Turkish nationalism and treatments of Ankara towards religious or 'ethnical' minorities in the 1930's can be highlighted through a set of measures undertaken by the Administration. In this report, we will first see the components of the Turkish nationalism through the racist notion and its consequences in terms of its limits. We will also delve into the other parameters of the Nation. Thereafter, we will study the treatment of demographic entities meted out by the Republic of Turkey. It should be noted that the Republic of Turkey would always be involved in serving the purpose of granting the State stability. All credit in this case, will be given to National Unity. With the institution of the Nationalism 'tool', we wish to assimilate ethnic minorities initially. In the latter phase, the reflection will be on the secularization of a country mostly inhabited by Muslims.

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