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Child protection and child abuse

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The Cleveland crisis.
  3. The conditions leading to the reforms in the 1980's.
  4. The role of social service departments.
  5. National child abuse procedures in England.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

The problem of child ?buse h?s become incre?singly evident in ?ll p?rts of the world including ?meric? ?nd Europe. Between 1980 ?nd 1993, for ex?mple, the number of children reported once or more than once to the public ?uthorities complaining about m?ltre?tment. The number has more th?n doubled from 1.1 to 2.3 million c?ses in the United St?tes (U.S. Dep?rtment of He?lth ?nd Hum?n Services, 1995); child ?buse reports to confidenti?l doctors climbed from 3,179 to 13,220 in the Netherl?nds between 1983 ?nd 1993, in Belgium the number of reports incre?sed by 70% between 1986 ?nd 1992, ?nd in Quebec, C?n?d?, the number of reports jumped by 100% from 1982 to 1989. In M?rch 2002, there were ?round 25,700 children in child protection registers in Engl?nd, with slightly more boy's th?n girls. Neglect w?s the most common re?son for both boys' ?nd girls to be pl?ced on the register.

[...] This m?y ?mount to ? volunt?ry withdr?w?l of ?n ?dult (? rel?tively new development in Engl?nd) or child or by seeking from the court ?n Emergency Protection Order, which ?llows initi?lly for the remov?l of the child for ? period of up to ? m?ximum of 8 d?ys (this is discussed further below). For c?ses th?t proceed this f?r, ?n initi?l str?tegy discussion is supposed to be held between soci?l services ?nd the police to pl?n their joint roles ?nd the investig?tion. [...]

[...] Some six in every seven reports ?re filtered out without children's n?mes being ?dded to Child Protection Registers. Questions ?re r?ised ?bout whether they should ?ll h?ve f?llen within this system in the first pl?ce. H?ving now sketched this scene, wh?t concluding mess?ges should the intern?tion?l re?der h?ve ?bout the child protection system in Engl?nd? The offici?l system to protect children in Engl?nd h?s had been tightened consider?bly over the p?st 20 ye?rs. If possible p?rent?l mistre?tment is suspected by, s?y, ? te?cher or he?lth visitor, then this concern is more likely to be expressed through form?l ch?nnels ?nd inquiries result. [...]

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